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Whether it be in the middle of a farm paddock, between multi storied buildings, inside a building, or on the jetty of a boat marina, SKYCAMs ability to operate in these areas is only limited by your imagination. The stability and ease of flying our aircraft makes operation in confined spaces simple, safe and reliable.
We're one of the few companies that enjoy being "Told Where To Go"

Owned and operated by two professional specialists in their own fields providing SKYCAM with the technical expertise required for its unique operation.

Lew Woods: Director
-Commercial Pilot (Agricultural) Licence No 2811
- 8500 Hours Flying experience
- "D" and "E" Cat Instructors Ratings
- Co Owner Galtech Models Ltd - Specialist Model Aviation Importers and Retailers --- National/Trans Tasman Model Aircraft Contestant
- 25 Years of Model building Experience

Rene Redmond: Director
- Aircraft Engine/Airframe Technician
- RNZAF Trained on Skyhawks and Strikemasters (8 years)
- C.A.D. Trained Engineering Draughtsman
- Co Owner Galtech Models Ltd
- National Model Aircraft contestant
- 25 years of Model Building Experience

SKYCAM New Zealand started in 1987 developing an R.P.V (Remote Piloted Vehicle) for an Auckland based company with military connections. After successful development a contract was not forthcoming so SKYCLOPS ONE was mothballed, and a smaller derivative was constructed carrying out tasks such as Aerial farm, race track, and residential property 35mm photography.
The spin-off from the aerial photography business was a Specialist Model Aviation Importing, Distribution, and Retail company Galtech Models Ltd incorporating a Nation Wide Mail Order service. The business blossomed though cost competitive, dedicated and service orientated direction in what were trying times.

A fortuitous meeting with a parallel type aerial business in Sydney in early 1992, and further interest by the New Zealand Police force rejuvenated the desire to complete a project started some five years previous and it is now with considerable pride we are able to offer a service not only unique to the Manawatu region but to the entire country.


About Skycam

We operate with full Civil Aviation Authority.

Due to the versatility and ease of transport of our systems we can be "on site" quickly and efficiently at low cost.

No expensive "Ferry Time" involved as with Full Sized aircraft. On average an entire operation will require us to be on site for less than 30 minutes total.

We will fit in with your timetable and have future plans to develop an Infra red system allowing us to operate at night should it be desired.