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Kit Contents include:
· Silver Finished Epoxy Glass Fuselage, Tip Tanks, Canopy/Hatch, Intake Cheeks, Fin Strake. (includes molded in Kevlar Turbine Burst Ring)
· Crystal Clear Canopy Molding
· Carbon Fibre Custom Molded Spar
· Alloy 6061 Tail Tube and Sleeves (Tail halves removeable with independent servos)
· Foam Core Wing, Tail and Fin Cores. (The wing will be supplied as a core BUT with the carbon fibre wing spar/joiner installed and the tailplane cores will have the outer tubes installed in the core halves)
· Plan and Basic Instructions.
· (Note: It is presumed that the builder will have previous building experience as instructions will cover specific areas and leave things like how to skin a wing up to the individual)
· Tailpipe Plan. (suits KJ66 type powerplant )
· Cockpit Panel Layout Plan.
· Colour Photo Info Pack.
· Kit Box measures 50cm x 50cm x 210cm and weighs approx 10Kg.

RNZAF BAC 167 Strikemaster Jet Trainer Kit

The Strikemaster or "Bluntie" as it's affectionately known was introduced into the RNZAF in 1972 when 10 new aircraft were purchased to replace the air forces aging Vampire fleet with a new advanced Jet Trainer.
Six more aircraft were later purchased and in 1976 these aircraft were used by 14 Squadron for its new role of advanced flying training and operational training for pilots earmarked for a strike wing position on A4 Skyhawks.
The aircraft was powered by the Rolls Royce Viper 535 series engine which provided ideal performance in the training role.

The "Bluntie" was used in the training role by many Airforces, it had variants like the Jet Provost with the major difference in looks being the lack of wing tip tanks.

We created the model to take advantage of the very reliable KJ66 model turbine powerplant and provide the potential jet pilot with an airframe configuration that is an ideal trainer layout, combined with excellent access to engine and ancillary units with the bonus being that it was also true scale.

The finished product reflects "State of the Art" glassing techniques and technology and this extends right down to the custom designed and produced carbon fibre wing spar that has a design profile to 20G. Designed and manufactured by Galloway Enterprises a leading exponent in the craft of fibre glass moulding and composite management techniques.

British Aerospace Strikemaster

Model Specifications:
· Scale: 19% (1:5.27)
· Span: 2.130 m (84")
· Length: 1.950m (75.8")
· Flying Weight: 13Kg (wet)
· Wing Area: 1110 sq inch.
· Powerplant: KJ66 or similar (not suitable for D/F)

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